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by Dr Joshua Lowentritt 

"My personal and professional journey to develop understanding of mindfulness and its potential to help us as individuals, physicians and patients began in my late teen years. I attended several workshops, seminars and immersive experiences which introduced me to the concepts of mindfulness, self care and resiliency which I credit helping me finish my studies at Duke, Tulane and my medical training. For the first 15 years of medical practice, I worked productively with my patients to solve problems, deal head on with how anxiety, worry and sadness related to medical or social problems. However I lacked the full training and language to be as effective as I wanted and my patients needed. My breakthrough occurred in the fall 2017 when I attended the “Mindful Medicine Conference” in Dharamsala, India, home of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan exile community. This medical conference featured lectures by the leading Tibetan Buddhist scholars, the Dalai Lana’s personal physician, meetings with traditionally trained Tibetan physicians. We enjoyed making hospital rounds at Delek Hospital, toured of the pharmaceutical company making herbal treatments, learned meditation techniques and participated in a traditional Buddhist purification ritual.

Through this conference I learned the scientific basis and benefits of mindfulness, meditation. Based on this conference, I developed a Grand Rounds lecture for physicians and staff at Touro and Tulane. My professional challenge since the conference has been to apply these teachings in clinic with individual patients with a goal of reducing suffering, developing personal insights and instructing patients in meditation, breathing exercises, use of “apps”. My goal as a clinician is to improve patient’s health and reduce suffering. I have attached links to many sites, lectures and resources which you may find helpful."

-Dr. Lowentritt

Mindfulness Links

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