Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

It is an individualized diet therapy protocol that includes diet assessment, counseling, and education provided by a licensed registered dietitian/nutritionist.

Some insurance companies may cover this service, we will verify your coverage with your plan. Medicare will cover this service.

Ideal Protein (IP)

Coaches provide one-on-one weekly lifestyle education and guidance throughout a four-phase weight loss protocol. High quality protein based meal supplements protect muscle health while allowing the body to burn off excess fat.  Adhering to a weight maintenance-training program is a key component to the dieter’s overall success.   “We are your coaches for life!”

Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT)

IBT involves high intensity weight loss counseling with behavioral intervention in obese adults.  It requires patients to achieve a moderate sustained weight loss (six pounds in six months) to continue to receive this Medicare benefit. 

Nutrition Counseling

Offers diet review, supplement discussion, wellness and lifestyle promotion.  This service is not covered by most insurances but will be happy to verify coverage for you. 

Total Body Scan

This study analyses body composition as well as lean mass (muscle mass) with a high degree of accuracy.  It will provide the patient with understanding of body composition changes when on a weight reduction program.

Suzanne deB-Tyler RD, LDN


Suzanne deB-Tyler is a licensed, registered dietitian/nutritionist twenty years with expertise in healthy lifestyle changes, weight management and the implications of nutrition in chronic disease.  Ms. Tyler is a trained motivational interviewing counselor.  Motivational interviewing has been shown to create positive behavioral changes with its goal oriented, client centered approach. She graduated from Florida International University in 1995, and recently received a certificate of training in Adult Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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